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When a business needs it financial standing verified, Davis & Associates CPA's can help. Our firm has served small businesses in Bonita Springs, Naples, and Cape Coral for many years, keeping their records organized and reassuring invested parties. We offer review and compilation services that are reasonably priced and performed to our highest quality standards.

Our clients benefit from working directly with partners and managers, ensuring they receive the attention they deserve. We ensure timeliness and thoroughness with reviews and compilations.

Reassuring Your Investors and Creditors

Reviews and compilations are helpful to small businesses for a few reasons. First and foremost, they assure all interested parties that goals are being met and that the company is stable. In the case the small business requires improvement, these reports guide accountants to the right areas, assisting in the diagnosis of internal issues.

Our firm performs reviews and compilations expertly. We have the experience and certifications to reassure clients and investors that proper business practices are being followed. We offer independent statements of assurance and collate the financial information in an easily navigable format, allowing anyone who sees the information to gain actionable insight. With our team, both the party requiring the financial checkup and the business owners will have what they need to know the venture’s true standing.

How Davis & Associates CPA's Works with You

Our experience extends from restaurant owners and homeowners associations to construction companies. We offer financial statement reviews on a quarterly and semi-annual basis, but the timeline can be adjusted according to the business’ needs. Reviews and compilations differ in the depth of analysis provided.

Reviews – Limited Assurance: Reviews are less extensive than audits and involve applying analytical procedures to financial statements. We make various inquiries to the company’s management team. A review provides significant assurance, providing the advantages of a CPA’s expertise and an in-depth financial check-up.

Compilation – Minimal Assurance:  Required by banks to uphold lending covenants, compilations offer little to no financial analysis. We present information that is “the representation of management” that expresses no opinion or assurance on the financial statements. 

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