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Davis & Associates CPA's helps small businesses and individuals achieve financial stability and minimize tax liability. Our firm has served local enterprises for many years, offering our breadth of experience in accounting to attain maximum profitability. We deliver professional tax services to individuals including international business owners.

When clients work with our team, their needs are our priority. From managing and improving accounting systems to implementing long-term tax strategies, Davis & Associates CPA's is proud to offer high-quality services with a human touch. At our Cape Coral location, we are fluent in Spanish and provide tax expertise from our EA staff member.

Serving Local Businesses in Cape Coral

We work hard to give each business client the best opportunities available based on real-time data and actionable insight. Our CPA team is diligent in understanding the ins-and-outs of our client’s venture, from its accounting processes to its industry. This level of involvement allows clients to close gaps between their business and the competition. Each aspect of our business services focuses on financial longevity and improvement according to the client’s goals.

Our firm has helped small businesses grow and adapt to ever-changing market conditions, enhancing their effectiveness despite the challenges they face. To accomplish the many goals business owners have for their venture, we offer the following:

·         Accounting & Bookkeeping

·         Tax Preparation & Planning

·         Payroll Management

·         Detailed Record-Keeping

·         Accounts Payable & Receivable

·         Cash Flow Management

Tax Expertise for Year-Round Compliance and Savings

We help both businesses and individuals with their tax needs. Our staff pursues education continually, staying abreast of policy changes that affect personal and enterprise income. Our CPAs aim to minimize liabilities and quantify credits and deductions to save money whenever possible. While completing this years’ taxes, whether on a quarterly or annual basis, we look ahead to next year’s obligations.

Our payroll services maintain employer and employee compliance, even as the business grows. Filing is completed in a timely and precise manner, protecting the bottom line. Business owners’ time and energy are freed from these intensive tasks, allowing them to focus on aspects of the business that require their full attention.

As dedicated as we are to businesses, our tax services for individuals are just as important. We prepare tax paperwork and resolve complex personal income situations, including those for contractors or individuals with diverse portfolios. Non-residents and green card holders who work in the US or own a business or property can have their tax needs resolved by our Cape Coral accountants.

International Accounting Services

One of our specialties is bookkeeping and tax services for clients with overseas business ventures or those who live outside the country but have investments and property on US soil. The Davis & Associates CPA's team untangles the related tax obligations, assisting with FBAR and FATCA compliance, and communicating which government entities need to have income reported to, and the specific amount owed. We have experience with a variety of international citizens including Germans, Canadians, and British business owners and individuals.

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Davis & Associates CPA's provides accounting and tax services in Cape Coral, FL at 1402 Cape Coral Parkway. Our team, which includes senior accounting members, tax preparers, and bookkeepers, can be reached by calling (239)444-5945. We encourage new and existing clients to call us today and learn more about what our accountants and certified financial professionals can do to help their small businesses or to streamline their personal finances.

We are located in a yellow building, next to Water City Grill and down the street from Enterprise Rent a Car, on Cape Coral Parkway. Our accounting office is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30am through 5:00pm and welcomes new and existing clients to contact us with any questions regarding international taxation, business accounting, payroll, and services catered to specific industries. Please browse through our website or view reviews on our social media profiles, such as Yelp and Google+, for more information.

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