Consultation for Non-US Residents and Green Card Holder

Consultation for Non-US Residents, Green Card Holder and Dual Citizens

Owning a Vacation Home in the US - Whether purchasing, selling, renting or personal use
We are here to assist your with all your U.S. tax matters.
Our initial consultation is with no charge to you.
We are preparing all the necessary applications and tax returns for you.

The application or renewal of the US Taxpayer ID, we can gladly take over for you, we are known as "Acceptance Agent" registered with the IRS.

Green Card or Dual Citizenship - what are my tax obligations?
As a green card holder or a dual citizen you will face a variety of tax regulations and reporting requirements to be in compliance with the US tax law.  Non-observance of those requirements can lead to very high penalties.
We advise you in detail what is important in your individual case. Our initial consultation is free of charge.
We are preparing all required tax returns and reports for you.

Owning a business in the US
We are here for you to offer our complete range of services your company may need. Our services go far beyond than just preparing your bookkeeping, payroll, financial statements and tax returns. 
We are available for this purpose to offer detailed advice at your disposal. 

Please call or e-mail for an appointment for a no-obligation free initial consultation.