Construction Bookkeeping

The field of construction is a unique business niche; expenses to complete work are widely varied and most people on the job site are not direct employees of the company performing the work. As a construction contractor or the owner of a construction business, making sure you accurately track expenses, taxes, and independent workers are all vital parts of running a successful and profitable enterprise.

If you have questions about bookkeeping for your construction business, don’t hesitate to contact Davis & Associates CPA's for your consultation. 

Bookkeeping Services for Construction Companies

Our accountants provide a range of services for business owners in the construction industry. We understand what it takes to ensure material and licensing expenses are accounted for, so no important financial data slips between the cracks. When you enlist our financial professionals to act as your bookkeepers, you get access to:

Tracking of accounts receivable
Preparation of weekly and bi-monthly payables
Monthly reconciliation of all accounts 
Comprehensive monthly financial reports
Budget analysis, preparation, and management
Quarterly and Semi-Annual Financial Statements
Reviews and Compilations
Tax Return Preparation

At Davis & Associates CPA's our bookkeeping services also extend to payroll processing for employees and paying independent contractors. We make sure workers are paid properly and that HR issues associated with workman’s compensation are handled to avoid accounting errors and costly financial mistakes. 

Job Costing Accounting 

When you operate a construction company, you have a slew of different concerns on the job-site, including the accurate recording of any money spent on items necessary to the completion of a job. Failing to organize these properly can spell tax trouble for the business owner. Our CPAs are skilled at job costing and help you track materials, labor, equipment rentals, and permits with the goal of creating an accurate bid and helping you to save money in the long run. 

At tax filing time, this level of organization is essential in avoiding over or underpayment. With a specific eye on sales and use taxes – amounts paid for materials at point of sale and tax rates in areas where materials are actually utilized – we can ensure that you are not surprised with a large tax bill. 

Bookkeeping Questions? Ask our Construction Accountants!

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