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The Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) are policies requiring businesses and individuals to report their international assets. The IRS, through the legislation, can penalize anyone who receives an income from outside the US. The way to compliance is not as simple as just notifying the tax agency of the revenue, as taxes are owed.

Davis & Associates CPA's relieves the burden of international tax compliance. Our teams in Naples and Cape Coral understand the policies inside and out. We help clients navigate their finances to achieve a successful tax filing year after year. Anyone who receives payments from business operations in other countries or owns property abroad will find their needs met.

Foreign Assets, Taxation, and You

Besides the reporting requirements spelled out in FATCA and FBAR, the US has tax treaties with nearly every country. The treaties allow the IRS and foreign agencies to pursue funds they believe belong to them. In effect, people should consider both where they are and where they have come from when preparing their tax returns. With the sheer volume of red tape and policy, it’s difficult to know the exact amount owed, and who it’s owed to. That’s where Davis & Associates CPA's comes in.

Our Team Protects Your Financial Security

We make sure you know your obligations and help you understand how the tax policies affect you. Our professionals explain why a certain amount is owed and help you prepare the paperwork. In the case where you have not reported income, and the IRS has given you notice of audit, we will take you through the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP), which reduces the penalties for unreported assets. In this situation, it’s our mission to obtain a favorable result that’s manageable for your budget. 

The international tax services we provide include:

  • Tax Prep and Planning
  • Budgeting
  • OVDP Assistance
  • Business Tax Consulting
  • FATCA & FBAR Solutions

Contact Us for FATCA & FBAR Tax Services

Are you or your business struggling financially, due to international tax issues? Our team is equipped with the right knowledge and experience to tackle these challenges and support your success. Our CPAs are up to date on the latest tax treaties, FBAR, and FATCA regulations. We can keep your operations compliant or protect your international investment portfolio.

If you’re in Naples or Cape Coral and need international tax solutions, call us to set up a consultation.