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Home Owners Associations deserve the same high-quality accounting services as businesses receive. Davis & Associates CPA's provides expert financial review services to HOAs across FL. Our professionals are skilled in vetting and analyzing finances to give you or an invested third-party peace of mind.

All our clients receive individual attention. We begin the financial review process with a consultation, discuss the level of needs, and then begin the process of understanding your financial history, the current state of the HOA, and where it requires guidance. 

Validating Your Financials

Compilations and reviews are two different levels of analysis. Each differs in their level of involvement from the client, concerning records required. Also, they have different uses.

Compilations: A low-level form of financial verification. This can be utilized internally, to improve the status of accounts, or to reassure interested individuals of the HOA’s financial well-being. We sift through records and offer a small amount of commentary, with room to expand our analysis if desired.

Reviews: A more thorough form than a compilation. This can be used for some financial institutions or may be required by investors when presenting a new plan. Instead of merely looking over reports and records, the accountants validate the records. A review offers more detailed insight into the client and additional support for improvement or correction of errors.

How Davis & Associates CPA's Assists You

With our assistance, you can secure the efficiency of your business’ accounts and support a healthier HOA enterprise. Our teams emphasize one-on-one attention that ensures you get the help you need when you need it. Regarding compilations and reviews, we explain the records we need and how you can help us provide the most accurate account analysis.

With our in-depth and precise methodology, your compilations and reviews will be appropriately organized and straightforward. Our included insight will reveal aspects of your business you may not have been aware of. We walk you through the commentary to make sure you understand and offer additional advice when you require it. Whether your goal is to minimize expenses, correct accounting errors, or leverage new opportunities, our staff is equipped to help you achieve those goals.

From this advisement stage, we can create an action plan to achieve your goals practically. We explain how to implement new back-office functions, alter existing policies, or improve account management. Our mission is to help you in any way we can, so we put our knowledge and skills at your disposal.

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