Individual Services

Individual Services – Personal Tax and Finances – Davis & Associates CPA's in Bonita Springs

Our team handles general tax concerns and complex ones with the same level of quality attention and care. We understand how to navigate the ever-changing tax code and deliver results that maximize our clients’ profitability. With unique strategies, a wealth of experience, and a hands-on approach, Davis & Associates CPA's offers the full range of tax services individuals, contractors, and business owners require.

Cleaning Up Records

Many of our clients require assistance with organizing their accounts. Our CPAs pore through financial records including income statements, bills, investment reports, and brokerage statements to develop a clean and navigable personal ledger. Then, we advise on methods for managing cash flow and calculating the amount of taxes owed. We take pride in empowering clients with tax knowledge, so they can make better financial decisions and achieve greater financial security.

On the other hand, many clients wish to have their finances continuously organized without their involvement. No matter what level of service our clients are looking for, Davis & Associates CPA's can provide.

Expert Tax Preparation

Our CPAs focus on minimizing liability and pairing clients’ with all available credits and deductions. We communicate directly when additional information or paperwork is required, and remain free to answer questions. Clients are welcome to submit their financial records well before tax prep season begins in January, but we will also assist in last-minute situations. It’s important to keep in mind that the earlier tax preparation is started, the higher the accuracy of the filing, and opportunities to reduce the amount owed are more readily available.

For sole proprietors, contractors, and small business owners, we provide a tax preparation routine. As income may fluctuate throughout the year, tax estimation and filing are crucial to compliance. Our team will benefit from regular access to financial records, allowing us to prevent tax penalties and estimate payments accurately.

Tax Planning for Year-Round Success

We offer planning strategies to protect our client’s fiscal security in the near and far-term. Those with complex tax situations understand the many factors that go into achieving a viable tax strategy, from making charitable donations to investing in home improvement projects. Working with us, we can advise on a variety of tax-related expenditures, including:

  • Income Increases and Bonuses
  • Self-Employment Income
  • Medical Expenses
  • Company Stock Options
  • Investment Gains and Losses
  • Long-Term Investments - 401(k), Roth IRA
  • Retirement Planning
  • Commercial Properties

Contact Davis & Associates CPA's for Personal Tax Advice

We listen to our clients’ needs and create custom strategies; you won’t find a cookie-cutter approach at our firm. Our team uses their CPA expertise to assist in any and all tax situations, from general income return preparation to planning for diverse portfolios.

Clients dealing with tax issues are welcome to walk into one of our offices to get the help they need. Visit our tax and accounting firm in Bonita Springs, Naples, or Cape Coral.