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Tax Problem Resolution with Our Expert EA – Davis & Associates CPA's 

Davis & Associates CPA's offers IRS assistance when you receive an audit, lien, levy, or wage garnishment notice. Our on-staff Enrolled Agent has the certification to deal with the IRS on your behalf, and work closely with you to develop a solution. It’s our priority to reach an agreement with the IRS or FL tax authorities, ethically minimizing the financial impact.

All our assistance is delivered on an individual basis, ensuring a quality approach and a human touch. If you’ve received an IRS notice, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

How Our Expert Helps You

An EA is the most qualified individual when dealing with IRS problems. They are skilled in accounting and have gone the extra mile to understand the tax code and how it operates. Our EA stays up-to-date on all policy changes, delivering the most accurate tax assistance available. Clients can expect accurate and reliable support. We welcome them to call with questions or concerns at any time. Furthermore, our EA explains the situation and options for resolving the tax issues. Clients are kept in the loop on our progress and will not be left to face the IRS alone.

We begin the process with a personal consultation, where we review the notice and determine the next steps. We will request certain financial records to verify the source of the issue and decide what kind of error is bringing on IRS scrutiny. From there, we will match our clients with the best solution available to them. Some of the more common IRS problems include:

  • Improper Payroll Tax Payments
  • Non-Filed Tax Returns
  • IRS Liens and Levies
  • Back Taxes Owed
  • IRS Asset Seizures

Providing Solutions for Tax Problems

Once the cause of the issue is identified, we deal with the IRS directly. We limit the need for client involvement so they can continue with their daily lives. From completing paperwork to navigating the IRS bureaucracy, Davis & Associates CPA's takes care of the issues. The following are a few ways we can resolve a client’s tax situation:

Amend Incorrect Returns

We will adjust the client’s reported income on the return to be accurate. The amount of taxes owed may change as a result of this correction. We will file all related paperwork for any year of returns that were flagged as incorrect.

Offers in Compromise

When the debt owed to the IRS is too high, an offer in compromise settles the amount owed at a significantly reduced rate. This requires proof that the debt cannot be paid in full.

Payment Plans

When an offer in compromise is not possible, payment plans divide the debt owed into manageable payments over a determined period. The payment plan may manifest as a wage garnishment, where the IRS automatically withholds a percentage of monthly wages.

Innocent Spouse Relief

When a spouse is the victim of fraud, this agreement frees that individual from the penalties and taxes owed.


This may be the only solution when a client’s business or finances are under water. Bankruptcy includes debt forgiveness and safeguards clients from specific penalties. This solution only works for particularly challenging situations.

Contact Davis & Associates CPA's for Tax Audits and Penalties

Receiving a notice from the IRS can be intimidating, and facing the penalties without expertise may result in significant financial damage. Our Cape Coral tax services team will work towards a favorable solution and handle the most challenging aspects of dealing with the IRS. Call our firm for help today.

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