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Payroll is time-consuming; that’s why most companies have entire departments or dedicated personnel whose main responsibility is to handle all of the paperwork and processes that comes along with this task. If you’re a small business owner who needs to have their payroll taken over by a professional, but don’t have the funds to hire in-house support, consider outsourced payroll services with our trusted CPA firm. 

Payroll Service Options 

Our team of accountants and experienced payroll professionals make it easy to pay your employees on-time and keep up with varying due dates for payroll taxation. If you’re struggling with any component of the payroll process, contact Davis & Associates CPA's for the following:

Payroll Taxes – We help you manage the payment of state and federal taxes on a monthly basis. If quarterly taxes are part of what’s necessary for your company entity, our small business accountants can help you keep tabs on these deadlines as well. Payroll tax services with Davis & Associates CPA's also include calculation of withholding and payment to government agencies. 

Payroll Debit Cards – Also called payroll cards, Davis & Associates CPA's offers the ability to place wages directly onto these cards for unbanked employees. Payroll cards offer significant convenience for the employer and employee and come with the same fraud protection as traditional debit cards as of 2007. These are ideal for temporary employees and contractors. 

Direct Deposit – This payment method is a standard for many employers and cuts the hassle of generating and distributing paper checks. Payroll funds can be deposited right into employees’ bank accounts, with all correct amounts withheld. Employees receive funds as soon as possible, so they are able to manage their own financial needs. 

In the event that you prefer the present employees with live checks, Davis & Associates CPA's payroll services also include processing paper checks.  Simply call our office with your employee’s hours, or provide them in a digital document, and we can take it from there. 

A Whole Payroll and HR Department at your Service

Davis & Associates CPA's includes business professionals who are well versed in payroll considerations, coupled with Human Resources services; we act as your entire payroll department and are here when you need us. For business clients who are interested in adding essential HR services to their payroll program, we can provide access to employee services, including:

Best practices for how to terminate an employee, job descriptions, what to do when hiring a new employee, signing up for health insurance coverage, and pay-as-you-go workman’s compensation

With HR services added to payroll, our team can support improved compliance for businesses, which extends to the creation of company handbooks, managerial reports, and policy creation. Davis & Associates CPA's also provides clients with a variety of forms and easy access to templates for policy customization, sending form letters, and staying up-to-date on relevant changes in regulations regarding nation-wide and state-level laws that affect your employees.

Our outsourced payroll and HR services are perfect for busy business owners who cannot hire entire in-office HR and payroll team, but still require the expertise of these vital personnel. We make it easy to access the experienced professionals you need, whenever you have a question pertaining to a payroll matter or issues associated with HR policy and best practices. 

Learn More about Your Payroll Options

Proper payroll processing is difficult but absolutely vital for the healthy operation of your business and satisfaction of your employees. Contact Davis & Associates CPA's’s offices for more information about how our payroll services can be customized to meet your needs and the regulations associated with your business entity and vertical. 

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