Restaurant Bookkeeping

As experienced accounting professionals, Davis & Associates CPA's offers clients the benefits of bookkeeping services that are specific to their unique industry. Through restaurant bookkeeping and accounting, our team is able to provide business owners with the organization, documentation, and tools they need to keep their companies running and maintain compliance with all accounting and tax filing standards. 

Monthly and Annual Bookkeeping Services for Restaurants

Restaurant booeekping services at any one of our office locations in Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral and Port Charlotte can be customized to fit your needs. Whether that means you require more frequent reporting and updates, or are looking for a professional to organize and provide a review of year-end financial information, our business accounting team is here to help. Our monthly accounting services include:

Comprehensive financial reports 
Budget analysis, preparation, and management 
Tracking for food sales, separated into menu items
Regular reconciliation of all accounts 
Preparation of weekly/bi-monthly payables
Payroll preparation and processing

For clients who prefer year-end check-ins with an accountant, we can provide financial statements, and preparation of tax returns. We can also provide differing levels of assurance in the accuracy of your business’ financial information through compilations and reviews. Our small business accountants ensure that restaurant owners are given everything they need to benefit from efficient tax filing, tracking of sales totals and expenses, and streamlined accounting processes that are backed by clear reporting. We help you better understand your financial position so you can prepare for busy shifts with accurate stock and purchases. 

Merchant Services for Restaurant Owners

As its own unique type of business, restaurant owners require certain services and tools. In our continued efforts to serve the business needs of the restaurant industry, Davis & Associates CPA's provides merchant services, which include credit card processing as well as the equipment needed to swipe credit cards at the point of sale. If your restaurant is looking for a better and more efficient way to process customer payments, our accounting team can help you move away from cash-only payments and setup all necessary hardware and software to accept credit and debit cards.

Ask us about Restaurant Accounting!

For more information about how our business accounting services can fit the needs of your food service business, contact Davis & Associates CPA's today for your consultation. Our team consists of a variety of professionals, from payroll personnel to small business accounting experts. We are here to serve the needs of all clients, especially those in niche industries with specific needs.